Message from the Pleiadian Council of the Deva Kingdom, June 2017.

StarwisdomPosted by Tatjana Ulvehjerte Thu, November 02, 2017 12:44:22

In July 2017 I had an extraordinary experience while watching a movie at the local cinema.

While I was watching the movie it seemed like out of nowhere a subtle but yet very clear feminine voice appeared telepathically to me. The voice was so beautiful, loving and caring and it started talking about who "she" was and her purpose of contact.

I was so baffled about the whole experience and at the same time being in a situation with watching a movie that I missed out on some of what this entity was sharing with me. I then had to phase out of the mindset of being at the cinema to focus inward on the experience.

I managed to reach inside to communicate more clearly with this beautiful energy being. "She"(name unknown at that precent time) did not appear to me physically or in a vision at that time but made her presence known through her energy and voice.

She said with a feeling of urgency and concern that she wanted to make contact to share some important messages for humanity to deeply consider and act upon.

I telepathically communicated to here that I really wanted her to do so but if it was possible for her to contact me when I got home from the cinema and in the next following days. She confirmed the request.

I then asked her what her name was so that I could call for her later when I was in a more undisturbed and deepened state of consciousness. She gave me the name "Ah-Il- Ah" and said she was from the Pleiades. I instantly got the chills and I could sense a very pleasant and high frequent energy boost through my entire body.

In a hurry I search for a peace of paper so I could take note of her name, and when I had it written I could feel that I slowly was phasing back into 3D consciousness of the cinema room.

When I got home I spent the rest of the evening contemplating the experience and looking forward to making contact with this most amazing high frequent feminine energy.

Later that summer she made her presence know in my visions. She did not only appear to me but also to several others that joined in the closing meditation gathering we arranged during our Star Knowledge Conference in June 2017.

I had not told anyone about the details surrounding my encounter with Ah-Il-Ah during the conference at that time except from sharing some of the Star language I experienced that I was able to speak (in contact with Ah-Il-Ah), and which I never before knew I had the ability to do.

At the conference while interviewing a lovely Australian speaker people in the audience asked me if I could share the Star language with the speaker since she spoke this language herself.

We asked the speaker if she could share with us what she had seen while the language was spoken. The speaker has amazing clairvoyant abilities and she gave us a description of a being that was without a doubt the Pleiadian being Ah-Il-Ah.

In the closing meditation gathering at the conference several meditation participants confirmed the presence of this feminine energy with striking similarity to what I had previous seen in my visions.

What a beautiful confirmation it was for me and for the participants having such a powerful encounter with this loving feminine ET being from the Pleiades. The contact is still going on today.

In one of my visions she appeared with a message she called "a message and pledge to the Human race" were she told me that she was one of the Pleiadian councils of the Deva Kingdom on Earth.

This is the message she delivered;

The Pleiadian Council of the Deva Kingdom.

"The Earth is a paradise seeded upon by the Great Ancestors of the Universe. It was meant for all to enjoy, cherish and love, not to be destroyed.

The Earth is looked upon as a precious jewel, loved as a child of the Creation. All of life was meant to flourish, live and expand as an expression of true love by the Creator.

The mind of Man lost its battle against the greed and lust for power that was perpetrated upon Humanity by dark forces.

Time has come upon the Earth were we are calling for the Awakening of Humanity to take the responsibility to claim for the restoration of Paradise on Earth.

Each and everyone of you are caretakers of the Earth and all her living beings. They are your brothers and sisters and have been given the gift of life as you have to live and enjoy.

Rise above the mind of greed, lust and ignorance and embrace the beauty of all Creation.

As well as the created destruction upon Earth and all living beings will be the downfall of Humanity, the Awakening of the mind and heart will be the Salvation.

We are here to help, but without the loving will of Man to recreate Paradise it will be lost again.

We The Council plead for the new seed of life to be planted upon the Earth".


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Kosmiske innstrømninger.

StarwisdomPosted by Tatjana Ulvehjerte Thu, November 02, 2017 10:03:11

Vi er inne i utrolig spennende tider nå med sterke energi innstrømninger av kosmisk lys med en intensitet og et avtrykk som aldri før har forekommet i så hyppige og kraftige bølger.

Disse kosmiske energiene bombarderer Jorden og bevisstheten til alt levende her. Det er en så høyfrekvent energi at den penetrerer både de fysiske og ikke fysiske lagene i våre kropper og sinn.

Energiene jobber seg gjennom alle lag og vi har nå den unike muligheten til å omfavne og justere oss i takt med denne kosmiske innstrømningen som i høyeste grad vil rense ut og helbrede oss på alle plan. Når vi har tillit til det som skjer og tar det personlige ansvaret med å gå innover i oss selv og være våre egne healere og mestere, vil vi oppleve å få kraften vår tilbake og huske hvem vi er, hvor vi kommer ifra, og hvorfor vi er her.

Når vi justerer oss etter denne lys frekvensen og jobber oss innover og ut vil vi oppleve å få vekket våre "supernaturlige" krefter til live. Vi er Gudemennesker som har glemt hvem vi i virkeligheten er. Nå er tiden inne der vi får oppleve akkurat det, at vi er Gudemennsker som har en enestående kraft til å skape den virkeligheten vi ønsker oss.

Vi går fra en dualistisk tilværelse til en Enhets bevissthet der vi vil komme til å skape en virkelighet som er til det beste for Enheten på Jorden.

Mange opplever nå fysiske og psykiske symptomer av forskjellige slag. Jo mer vi justerer oss etter energiene og jobber med å rense ut negative innflytelser innenfra og utenfra, og å heale oss selv jo lettere vil disse symptomene utarte seg for oss.

Selv har jeg opplevelser av synkronisitet i tall. De siste mnd har jeg våknet ca annenhver natt uten noen som helst grunn med å stirre på digital klokken som viser tall som f eks: 00:00, 01:11, 02:22, 03:33 osv i en perfekt tallrekke fra 0-5. Disse opplevelsene sier meg at jeg er i synkronisitet med universets krefter.

I det siste har jeg også opplevd fysiske vibreringer/forstyrrelser i begge øynene mine. Jeg kan fysisk se og føle at begge øynene samtidig vibrere i høy hastighet. Jeg gikk innover og opp i mitt høyere Selv og spurte hva som skjedde med øynene mine og svaret var:" dine øyne justerer seg til å kunne se inn i andre dimensjoner".

I tillegg til det opplever jeg bla sterke emosjonelle svingninger, svimmelhet, desorientering, høyfrekvente toner i ørene, hukommelsestap, hodepine og andre fysiske smerter i kroppen. Det kommer og går i bølger. Jeg opplever også å snakke "Stjernespråk", noe jeg aldri har kjent til før, og som jeg selv opplever som en veldig sterk innstrømning av energi som har en stor innvirkning på energiene i og rundt oss.

Veldig spennende og revolusjonerende ting som skjer nå og det vil bare komme til å akselerere fremover, og jeg er ikke alene om det. Det er uhyre viktig å gå innover i seg selv og sette seg i dyp kontakt med Moder Jord, Naturen og alle hennes levende skapninger både i de sette og usette dimensjoner.

Det handler bla også om å ta ansvar for det som skjer, gjøre sin del, rense ut og heale negative innflytelser, og det som ikke gagner hverken deg Selv eller andre levende vesener på Jorden.

Omgi deg med positive høyfrekvente energier både innvendig og utvendig som vil gagne alt og alle rundt deg i det fantastiske Skiftet inn i "The Golden Age Of Humanity"


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From a Starseeds point of view.

StarwisdomPosted by Tatjana Ulvehjerte Tue, April 11, 2017 09:25:41

From a Starseeds point of view:

When are we the people going to reclaim the power of Self back?To fully trust that we were all born with loving compassion towards All living beings? To stop supporting corporations that obviously dont care about us or the Earth?

Corporations are Machines, they dont have a Soul and they only care about money, your money. They sell us the idea that we are above nature and that being compassionate is a weakness.They rip us apart from our true natur and each other as loving custodians of this Earth. They feed us the illusions about our dependecy upon them and the corrupt world leaders, and the worst thing that happens is that we freely give away our power to this illusion and we by into it.

We completely loose our sense of Self, our sense of Empowerment. They got us just were they want us as a slave race feeding upon us. And being enslaved ourselves we enslave others creating suffering and violence. It is a vicious circle.

There is a war going on for our consciousness by true unseen dark forces and technical weapons are used to supress our consciousness. This war has been going on since the beginning of time. We just need to do our research, to seek the truth, come together in Unity and take actions to wake up from this Enslavement and reclaim our power of Self. We are truly loving powerful human beings. It is not the end, it is not over, and there is above all nothing to fear.

We are related to each other and to a great civilization from the Stars that seeded us here upon Earth. These benevolent forces are here to join us and they want us to seek the truth, to grow, to take actions and reclaim our true Self. They want us to join forces with them and recreate Heaven on Earth through Unity consciousness as it always was ment to be. The battle is happening right Now as I write.

The Earth is in transition, in birth, and the Universe is creating pressure because pressure is what creates change and birth to new life. We are in times of great cleansing. Malevolent dark forces are being removed by our Star Ancestors. This will sound like a fiction story to many of you but anything you can imagine already exists. It is our limited consciousness that has supressed the truth.

I am not depended upon believers cause I am not alone.
Many of us do feel the pressure going on and it causes various reactions both in the physical and emotional body. The symptomes are many. This also happens to several of us simultaneously. The more awake, conscious, and sensitive you are you have already noticed this and have perhaps already questioned it.

We are truly going through this birth process together with Mother Earth and All living beings, and the more conscious we are the more prepared we become.
Some of us are awakened to our Star Ancestry. We have many names and we know who we are. We are here to help All creation. It is what we came here to Earth to do, and it has always been our true mission. We are not above anyone else because we know that All of us were seeded from the Stars and We Are All Related.

We live in the most exiting times. The energies are more powerful than ever before. Lets join forces and gather with loving peaceful intentions for All creation.
Lets Seek the wisdom of our Hearts were our Souls resides. Our Soul is connected to the Creator, the Source, and from there we are reunited with the power of Self recreating our true destiny amongst the Stars.

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